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David Grimaldi - Diseñador gráfico

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At DGCV as a design studio, we are very proud on continually learning, experimenting with creativity and taking the risks that this entails. Every project we do, we make it special and we make that it’s creation progress is as important as the final result.

The studio was founded by David Grimaldi (graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, 1997) specialized in illustration and graphic design projects. Currently, we work for small and large national and international companies.

As designers, we share our time working for our clients, but also developing our own work in the form of personal projects. We believe in technology as a support for creativity. No matter if we are programming for the web, editing video or designing for paper, we continually find ways to break down the barriers of our creative environment and make our passion for graphic communication shine in everything we do.


DGCV is a multidisciplinary design and communication studio focused on the creation and development of concepts, spaces, brands and products. Creativity, teamwork, effort and social responsibility make up our daily work universe. The focus on finding solutions and empathy with our clients make DGCV a space in constant evolution.

Without a doubt, we enjoy 100% with our clients, we do not know how to do it any other way, only by living a creative life with them ... by teaching and learning, will we discover our goal, a common goal. Thank you very much for trusting us as a design studio, and as a gratitude, we offer a list of clients who have helped us to be who we are and what we are. Thanks again.

During our long history, DGCV, as a design and communication studio, has had many experiences with a multitude of clients, so we apologize if we cannot include all of them on this website.


"Branding identifies you, design differentiates you"


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