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Mr. Bro Casual Wear

  • Client: Mr. Bro Casual Wear
  • Date: 24 March 2021
Mr. Bro Casual Wear



The Mr. Bro brand was born in a very peculiar way, two personal friends meet with me to tell me about the "vision" they have had for the creation of a clothing brand. The positive spirit of these two entrepreneurs infects me almost instantly, so the design project becomes a reality practically in that first contact.

For this reason, the logo is based on a fun, independent character that expresses a good "feeling", representing a philosophy of free life, together with brightly colored corporate colors and a "handwriting" typeface. We wanted to apply that philosophy, both to brand image, as well as branding.

As a brand message, we present a commercially very risky phrase such as: Since 2020 "The Worst Year Ever", referring to the year of the unfortunate appearance of Covid, when this company was created.


"Branding identifies you, design differentiates you"


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